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Brexitovka is a premium vodka carefully crafted in the heart of Norfolk by genuine Brexiteers. We decided that making Brexitovka 52% would have been too non-PC even by our standards and instead settled on a nevertheless high 40% ABV. Brexitovka entered the wider British market at the very high end over two years ago and has fans up and down the country, from Scotland to Cornwall to Kent.

The Legend


Applying the great East European tradition of occasional vodkas to our green and pleasant land, we released a limited edition of Brexitovka in early 2017 in celebration of Brexit.  We chose Queen Boudicca, who heroically led the British uprising against the  Roman Empire, as our symbol. Brexitovka has become famous at home and abroad, earning a Wikipedia page and coverage by The Times in the process.

Fueling Brexit


Brexit is coming - get your vodka in!

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